i plan to wear louboutins and carry chanel quilted purses and wear a tiffany&co diamond ring on my 4th finger

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 ”Stefan has….Stefan has done so much for me. He was always there. I thought..I thought he’d always be there for me. But he’s gone, Damon. He’s changed and I can’t help who he is now. I can’t help but be afraid because he may never go back to the Stefan both of us once knew. He’s a monster. He betrayed us to save you and still could care less about me or my family or anybody else.” Tears pooled in her eyes, threatening to overflow the edges and glide down her cheeks as if every word she had said had pained her to say. And in all honesty, it did. But she couldn’t cry. She couldn’t cry because it needed to be said. “I’m not his girl, Damon. Not anymore.”

What if Elena initiated the kiss? —3x10 DE kiss—

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